Healthy Mexican Night

Image Tonight was mexican style dinner and I wanted to try some new recipes. I went full out and made homemade refried beans, spanish rice, taco bowls, taco mince meat and churros. All of which I tried to use fresh and healthy ingredients when possible. Using fresh vegetables, whole wheat tortillas and not frying just baking for the shell, black beans instead of refried beans, baking the churros instead of frying, lean mince meat, low fat cheese and crème fraîche

The taco bowls-  This is a much healthier options to have a taco bowl as it is not fried and just backed. It is so simple to do and looks great on the plate.

healthy refried beans– Using black beans and not frying them is saving loads of calories.

Spanish rice– Is a family recipe which is so easy. Basically toast the rice in a little olive oil and once toasted cover it with tomato sauce, fresh herbs and water; then let simmer for 30 mins or until the water has evaporated.

Churros– I wanted to find a recipe that requires a non-frying method to make these classic treats. It is a fantastic recipe and is so simple plus most the ingredients are what are already in your baking cabinet.


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