No-Bake Chocolate Mousse Pie (Vegan)


This is one great dessert that only took me few minutes to put together. It has a very rich taste, but if you are a dark chocolate fan then this is so perfect. There is no sugar, oils, eggs, flour,etc. It is a healthy pie to satisfy the sweet tooth. It is thick and creamy; it definitely fooled my family that it was made with firm tofu. The firm tofu gives it the thick, fluffy texture. So i will recommend to use this recipe:

Note: For my crust i added a little cocoa powder, but it didn’t need it.


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 21.41.16

This is everything I put into this dessert. So you can have a nice rich dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth for under 300 calories plus less then 25g carbs and be content for the night.


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