About Me

Where do I start… I am a well traveled 19 year old American born twin, who believes family is everything. I’m studying Mathematics in London and have no idea what I want to do afterwards, but I have a true passion for baking and cooking.

My parents and family have brought me up to see the world as a blank canvas and I have an entire palette of colors to play around with to make my masterpiece.I was born in California and my parents flipped houses so I moved about in California. My Dad’s job requires him to work abroad, thus why I’ve been to many places as during my summer holidays we visit him wherever his location; This has truly given me my passion of baking and cooking as I’m able to have first hand experience in how different cultures behave and what their food and dinning are like. When I was 14 my parents wanted me to experience a different culture so we packed up and moved to the United Kingdom because my dad is full British so I have family in the UK . This was a massive culture different, but it is such a great experience as I’m so bless that I’m able to have this lifestyle. I am able to interact in this different environment and learned that the stereotypical view of a nation is so not true… ‘Never judge a book by its’ cover’. This is similar with food with books its the pages behind the cover that make the story, with food it is the ingredients that make the creation.

I’m always going to be a true American, so moving back to the United States i do see in my future. Hopefully it will be in Idaho as I have family there and to be all together would just be a dream.

My family are extremely supportive on all my dreams and ambitions. They are always there for me no matter what and will always help me out in any situation. To have a family bakery would be ideal.


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